Metallurgical Products

Competence In Material

Metallurgical products division is the result of our business rationalization exercise over the years to focus on adding economic value through the supply of highly competitive and quality products for our Foundry and Steel Mill customers.

Our reputation as a quality provider is built upon:

Established Supply Network

We are able to consistently supply the right product at the right time and at a competitive cost, enabling our clients to focus on other critical factors in their plants.

Extensive Range of Stocks

Holding an extensive range of ready stocks in our warehouses, we are able to respond to the immediate delivery needs of our customers. Flexibility is another core benefit which we provide to buyers in that deliveries can be tailored to suit any requirements, whether in contract or spot basis, ranging from small qualities to full container loads.

A Wealth of Experience

With the presence of well-trained and technically qualified staff experiences in their respective fields, we are totally committed to meet the demands of any competitive and challenging environment and application.

Constant Renewal for Growth

We believe in constantly striving to upgrade and enhance the knowledge and standard of our staff and our operators so that we can continue to meet the challenges demanded by the industry.

Product Portfolio

BNF supplies a comprehensive range of consumable materials and specialty products to the Foundries and Steel Mills worldwide, covering most of the applications in the industry.

Each product range is specifically developed and supplied to achieve cost efficiency of production process with the aim of improving overall quality of casting.

Cored Wire Product

BNF manufactures and supplies CORED WIRES successfully used to achieve increased and consistent productivity of quality iron and steel at competitive prices.

BNF CORED WIRE injection application is an effective, low cost solution for secondary metallurgy process of modern steel making, where reefing operations, inclusions modifying and additions of alloying elements are performed outside the furnace, mainly in the ladle.

CORED WIRE injection application is also applied in the Foundry desulphurization inoculation and nodularization process to attain significant quality improvements.

BNF supply a variety of CORED WIRES with various applicable sizes for various applications and has the capability to supply for customized solutions. We are acknowledger as a highly versatile and effective supplier largely due to our ability to adapt to market requirements.

Our CORED WIRE are supplied to traders, distributors and end users, worldwide and include some of the largest and most respected in the Iron and Steel industry.

Innoculant & Nodularizer

Foundries today are constantly upgrading their production application in order to improve their yield and efficiency in the production of critical and high quality casting.

The quality and consistency of process consumables used are extremely important so that uninterrupted production can be achieved.

With years of experience through close interaction and consultation with our customers, BNF understand the many diverse challenges, needs and requirements of the foundry.

We have developed the knowledge to supply customers with reliable Inoculants and Nodularizers through our comprehensive range of standardized material type, each suited for different application and process or can also provide and supply customized materials and solutions for specialized applications.

BNF Inoculant is an excellent alloy to maximize chill reduction while minimizing the formation of dross and promotes eutectic solidification and type A graphite.

BNF Nodularizer provides the ductile iron foundries with excellent properties to promote spheroidal graphite.

Specialty Refractory

BNF specialty refractory product range is dedicated to some of the most critical areas of the Steel Mills refractory and slag conditioning requirements, where uninterrupted, high production of quality steel at competitive prices is desired.

Modern steel making process requires improved refractory product and solution to meet the challenging demands of the industry.

BNF is focused to provide our customers with consistently high quality refractory related materials with tangible benefits that will increase the efficiency and quality of their production process.

  • Gunning Material
  • Tundish Covering Material
  • Tundish Refractory Material
  • Light Burned Magnesite
  • Synthetic Slag
  • Fluorspar
  • Ladle-well Filler
  • Olivine EBT Filler
  • Ladle Shroud
  • Mold Flux

Ferro Alloys & Metals

BNF has many years of extensive collaboration with internationally recognized manufacturers of Ferro Alloys and Metals.

Our relentless effort to maintain a strong focus on developing a reliably competitive and comprehensive range of Ferro Alloys & Metals has brought us to achieve successful sales from a huge pool of loyal and committed customer from around the world.

We have the ability to respond to immediate delivery needs through the availability of an extensive amount of stocks in our strategically located warehouses.

Our extensive range of Ferro Alloys and Metals:

  • Ferro Boron
  • Ferro Chrome
  • Ferro Manganese
  • Ferro Phosphorous
  • Ferro Silicon Manganese
  • Ferro Sulphur
  • Ferro Titanium
  • Ferro Vanadium
  • Magnesium Metal
  • Manganese Metal
  • Silicon Metal
  • Nickel

Coke, Coal & Graphite

BNF supplies high quality Coke and Coal for the production of iron and steel and many other processes as fuel, reducing agents, charge carbon, carbon raiser, injection carbon, foaming slag additive and numerous other requirements.

BNF Coke is produced and processed in the highly experienced plant with standardized preparation of consistent coke and coal. Detailed tests during each phase of production process ensures final Carbon product with excellent chemical composition of low ash and sulfur as well as outstanding physical conditions with constant sizes.

  • Calcined Petroleum Coke
  • Graphitized Petroleum Coke
  • Foundry Coke
  • Metallurgical Coke
  • Anthracite Coal
  • Amorphous Graphite
  • Graphite Electrode


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