MOSA Charger


MOSA, the leading manufacture of Co2 cartridges in Asia Cartridge size 8g, 12g, 16g, 25g and 38g


MOSA Professional Cream Whippers are available in polished, brushed or enameled finishes for institutional or home use. In order to have most reliable quality, our metal dispenser heads are made of forged aluminum and equipped with a stainless steel dispensing system allowing perfect dispensing and decorating.

Two different decorator nozzles with heavy duty metal adapter are perfect for both restaurant and home use. Nozzles can be conveniently removed for cleaning while the whipper is under pressure.

Soda Siphon:

MOSA designs and manufactures with great pride nostalgic Soda Siphons, which will turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. Two types of soda siphon offer you a wonderful choice for the elegant bar or a trendy dinner table.

Enjoy pure sparkling soda water with MOSA Soda Siphons.

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