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BNF has supplied Analytical systems to many vertical markets such as Power Generation, Cement Manufacturing, Petrochemical, Hydrocarbon Processing and Refineries.

Process Analytics (PA)

PA is used as process control for various applications in a plant. This can include raw materials, production quality and efficiency of processes. BNF is capable of integrating various sampling systems for different applications using in-situ or extractive configurations. Technologies used vary from Gas Chromatographs, IR (NDIR, NIR, FTIR), UV, Laser, Diode Array and so forth.

Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS)

CEMS is typically used by customers that are required by regulation to measure gas emission from sources of their waste gas pollutants. Parameters measured include gas, dust, moisture, temperature, pressure and flow. A Data Acquisition System is then used to record and report the collected data. Systems can be design as In-situ or Extractive using either Cold-Dry or Hot-Wet sampling depending on application.

Steam & Water Analytics (SWAS)

SWAS is used to measure the quality of steam or water in the process. Most commonly used in Heat Recovery Steam Generators of combined cycle power plants, the system determines the values of pH, Conductivity, Silica, Dissolved Oxygen, Sodium and Hydrazine. This helps process control and damage prevention to boiler turbine blades.

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